Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival at Green Grove Gardens is a unique, family-oriented festival that offers a bird’s-eye-view of the facility’s more than 40 acres of manicured lawns and gardens and the surrounding countryside. The festival has many craft and food vendors, a children’s activities area, carnival games, sand art, barrel train rides, inflatables, pony rides, helicopter rides, and tons of other forms of entertainment.

Festival goers got the chance to rise 125 feet above Green Grove Garden’s grounds in a tethered balloon, travel cross-country on a “free flight” balloon ride or simply view the balloons with their feet still firmly on the ground.

“This is an opportunity for us to provide the community with a function that is family fun and something they wouldn’t see otherwise,” McCleaf said. “There’s nothing like it in the immediate area.”

Below are some photos of the balloons and a video from 2012.

You may check out a video from the 2012 Hot Air Balloon Festival here:

Photos by Vincent G. Ferrari

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Photos by Brittany Thomas Photography
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Photos by The Crystal Lenz

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